The Anointed Fingers of Love and Care Foundation (AFLCF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is non-political, non-religious, non-sectional, and non-racial. The Foundation is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria with certificate Number CAC/IT/No. 52352.

It is established as a permanent public property to help the youths, women and the aged or the most vulnerable in the society who are in dire need of assistance, especially to advance their education, health and spiritual well being.

The Foundation is an offshoot from the award of scholarships by Professor D.V. Uza to orphans and indigent pupils and students of Kwande Local Government Area in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions within Benue State, Nigeria.

The idea of the Foundation came to birth within the course of the presentation and the interaction of the Chief Promoter of the project, Professor D.V. Uza with the beneficiaries of the milk of his kindness and magnanimity. The scope of the Foundation was expanded to other areas of extreme need, especially, remote areas of Benue State in particular and Nigeria at large. The Chief Promoter of the Foundation, Professor D.V. Uza is a person, who believes in a life of sharing, especially with the needy and less privileged and has a concern for others generally. At the time he conceived the idea of the scholarship, Prof. D. V. Uza was not the most illustrious son of Kwande origin in Benue State. It is also pertinent to put on record that as a person, the Foundation has no benefit to confer on him or any of his immediate family members. To decide therefore to commit his resources to the award of scholarships to the less privileged members of the society at a time when most average Nigerians are pursuing personal causes and the time he has put into pursuing the realization of its vision puts him forth as a highly humane and extremely magnanimous person.

The Anointed Fingers of Love and Care Foundation (AFLCF) is registered with a Ten (10) member Board of Trustees with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with Certificate of Registration Number CAC/IT/No. 52352.

It is a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) that is non-political, non-religious, non-sectional, and non-racial, and its corporate Headquarters is at No.46/48, VerishimaUza Close, High Level, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

'reaching the poor and needy with love, care and skills'

The Anointed Fingers of Love and Care Foundation (AFLCF) envisions a Benue State and Nigerian Society with a highly educated, motivated and spiritually advanced youths, women and the aged.

To empower the youths, women and less privileged through spiritual and moral upliftment.

The Anointed Fingers of Love and Care Foundation’s (AFLCF) mission is to bring together people who love to share, care for and help others and those who believe that if properly empowered, the less endowed in the society would advance peace, development and prosperity.

We affirm and appreciate God who has given us an opportunity for service to His glory and benefit of mankind. So we uphold the following as values and beliefs in all we do:

♥ God- we believe wholeheartedly that He owns us, all we have and do.
♥ Love and care- as a strategy for displaying agape love to youths, women and men especially the needy as God intended, James 1:27.
♥ Sustainability- we trust God for continuous availability of resources, benefits and commitment by all stakeholders.
♥ Trainings- for improved performance and effectiveness, we believe learning from our experiences and that of others is crucial.
♥ Stewardship- being accountable to God and stakeholders in the effective and efficient management and use of resources is important to us, Luke 16:10-12.
♥ Community Driven Development- Communities are involved in all the stages of development and all citizens enjoy a high quality of life, where quality healthcare is available for a safe, peaceful and environmentally friendly society.

Membership of the Anointed Fingers of Love and Care Foundation (AFLCF) is open to anybody who shares the same vision, aims and objectives of the Foundation. People who are willing to selflessly contribute ideas, resources and efforts as instruments for positive and sustainable transformation of the less privileged, needy and the most vulnerable youths, women and the aged in the society are welcome as members. It is open to all irrespective of religion, gender, tribe and nationality.

All intending members shall apply by filling a membership form and upon payment of the registration fee and a minimum annual subscription that will be fixed and open for review from time to time. To qualify to participate in the activities of the foundation, members must be financially up to date.
All members constitute the General Meeting/Asembly.

For effective operation, AFLCF has the following organs:
1. The General Meeting.
2. Board of Trustees.
3. Executive Officers.
4. Staff and volunteers.


The Foundation shall be funded through membership dues, donations and grants from individuals, governments, local, national and international agencies and NGOs.

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